Monday, April 2, 2012

Why Google+ Destroyed this Blog

Last year, when Google+ was created, Google (in all of its wit and wisdom) decided that all photos from a single Google account should be made public and accessible from a Google+ profile.

A Google account includes all Blogspot blogs and Picasa accounts associated with that user, since Google owns both of those entities.

Naturally, upon seeing photos of my daughter, my house, our family pictures, and all of the goofiness that I published on other Blogspot blogs, I panicked.

I erased the folders from my Google+ profile.

This also erased all of the photos therein, deleting them from Picasa and from Blogspot.

As an SEO, I pretty much HAD to sign up for a Google+ account, as it was whispered by so many SEO knowitalls and self-proclaimed gurus to be a "Facebook killer".

Well it failed.

And I lost these photos for naught.

This blog will remain live; however, I will never use Blogspot again, nor will I rely on a Google product again; the only exception being Gmail.

Should I choose to pick up and write another blog about Halle, it will be on Wordpress and I will post about it here.

Thanks, Google.