Sunday, July 18, 2010

This Week In Cute

Yeah, about that video I promised... here it is!! A couple of explanations first. One, Halle has been into playing dress-up (somewhat, she's extremely picky!) this week, especially her tutu and her butterfly wings. We've been talking a lot about Halloween because of that, naturally. Dora the Explorer has convinced her to be a kitty-cat for Halloween.
 Anything but the Dora the Explorer costume! Is this not the most BORING costume you've ever seen in your whole freakin life?
I love that she's into Dora the Explorer. I don't remember watching as many cultural shows as a kid and I'm really proud that Halle shows interest in learning where Dora and Kai Lan (another show on Nickelodeon) live on our globe. I'm hoping if she doesn't at least learn a few words, she'll at least understand that Spanish is a foreign language, and not to moo when she hears Telemundo. 'Cause that's racist, ma'am! 

Two, she's a bit vain... it's almost impossible to photograph or videotape the girl without hearing her request, "see it? See it? Again? See it?" So that's what that's all about.

Oh, and one last thing! I've never used music in the background but this time I thought I would try it out. You all get to be my guinea pigs! Yay! It's from one of my all-time *favorite* movies ever, Amelie. It translates really well with those cute/silent moments of childhood. You'll see. And if you hate it the music, well, I ask you: what did an accordion ever do to you?

Picasa Fun Time

The Animals of Our Lives

Cole / "Coles Mine"

Our Coles Mine is one of two kittens Brad adopted from my friend Buffy. If ever there was a runt, it wasn't Cole. She's your typical dominant huntress: after eating a moth, she misses it and searches the walls for new prey. Occasionally (and with hesitation) she'll accept affection. This is why we were so surprised when Cole opened up to Halle, allowing her to not only squawk around her but pet her, pull her tail, and rock her in the rocking chair to "Rockabye Baby". She may seem unsocial, but that's only because she's "on the clock" at all times, keeping the house in check with her constant wakeful surveillance. 

Calla / "Calla Leetz"

If ever there were a "toy cat" to rival a "toy poodle", it would be named Calla. And she would eat ice cream. Yes, blogosphere, ahem, we have a bowl licker. When Halle toddles nearby, her terrified eyes grow exponentially larger, anime-style. She'll run like the dickens from Halle but after bedtime, when Brad indulges in a big bowl of Neapolitan or Black Cherry ice cream, Calla patinetly watches from the corner until she gets the chance to polish off the rest of it. Oh, and she meows like a twelve year old boy whose voice cracks. She's always walking the line between pathetic and adorable with me.


What can I say, she's a dog that belongs to a breed that has been overestimated. Olive, whose theme song is Led Zeppelin's "All of My Love" or "Olive My Love" depending on your ear, is a boxer mix who is submissive to her feline housemates. It's kind of humiliating to watch, actually. She gets them back, though. Sometimes she wanders into Brad's study and eats their food. Brad definitely gets angry when this happens, but deep down I cheer for her, just a little bit, in getting the last word with those mean ol' cats.

Since I'm a little bit biased about the animals here, and because Olive is so much more submissive to Halle, here's some cuddly Olive-as-a-pillow photos!
Last but certainly not least is Ah-Ah, the Bear. Halle named him herself and they're best friends. When I showed her this picture and asked her who it was, she exclaimed, "Oh! It's Ah-Ah!"

Videos coming tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Little Moments

#1 Anatomical Concepts

Before diving into yard-work, I decided to put on a bikini. That way, I could join Halle in the pool if I felt like I was going to keel over. I get the top on and turn around to Halle, who is sitting on the bed. She asks, "Boobs on?"
"Yes, Halle, I've got my boobs on now."

#2 Streaming Subconscious

Last night, as she laid in her crib waiting for the sandman, Brad and I could hear her sing song-y chatter from the living room OVER the television. We hit mute and took a seat in the dark hallway outside her door. This is what we overheard:

"Red ah stop an' green mean GOOOOOOO!"

"Wait, Daddy, wait!"

"Rockabye Halle over teetops HALLE
When the wind blows, cradle will HALLE
When bow breaks, cradle 'll HALLE..."


Listening to her dreamy rantings are like watching Telemundo and knowing only light conversational Spanish. Not only does she have a toddler lisp, there's a pacifier in her mouth and she's singing/howling the words that are only occasionally audible. I really wish my camcorder could pick up the sound!