Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Little Moments

#1 Anatomical Concepts

Before diving into yard-work, I decided to put on a bikini. That way, I could join Halle in the pool if I felt like I was going to keel over. I get the top on and turn around to Halle, who is sitting on the bed. She asks, "Boobs on?"
"Yes, Halle, I've got my boobs on now."

#2 Streaming Subconscious

Last night, as she laid in her crib waiting for the sandman, Brad and I could hear her sing song-y chatter from the living room OVER the television. We hit mute and took a seat in the dark hallway outside her door. This is what we overheard:

"Red ah stop an' green mean GOOOOOOO!"

"Wait, Daddy, wait!"

"Rockabye Halle over teetops HALLE
When the wind blows, cradle will HALLE
When bow breaks, cradle 'll HALLE..."


Listening to her dreamy rantings are like watching Telemundo and knowing only light conversational Spanish. Not only does she have a toddler lisp, there's a pacifier in her mouth and she's singing/howling the words that are only occasionally audible. I really wish my camcorder could pick up the sound!

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