Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On the verge of cracking up.

I don't know why she restrains herself from laughing, but it's apparent she does. Her sense of humor resembles Brad's in that they both like being silly, absurd, and a bit sneaky or sly. Just check out these expressions.

 This might be one of my favorite photos of her! It's so Halle. Shes' got a bit of food on her chin, a clever little grin, a hint of curls in the back, and it's tied up nicely with the bokeh effects in the background. Nice shot, Dad!

Here are some other cute photos that I thought about turning into LOLHalles.

 She's either an imp or she's trying to sell Aunt Robin some of her magic beans. Or, y'know, both.

 No way! 

Is she performing the skull scene from Hamlet or singing a fugue?

 There's my sweeeeetie!

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  1. Those are some amazing shots! It helps that Halle is adorable! I just want to squeeze her and that blond hair oh my I LOVE IT!