Sunday, July 18, 2010

This Week In Cute

Yeah, about that video I promised... here it is!! A couple of explanations first. One, Halle has been into playing dress-up (somewhat, she's extremely picky!) this week, especially her tutu and her butterfly wings. We've been talking a lot about Halloween because of that, naturally. Dora the Explorer has convinced her to be a kitty-cat for Halloween.
 Anything but the Dora the Explorer costume! Is this not the most BORING costume you've ever seen in your whole freakin life?
I love that she's into Dora the Explorer. I don't remember watching as many cultural shows as a kid and I'm really proud that Halle shows interest in learning where Dora and Kai Lan (another show on Nickelodeon) live on our globe. I'm hoping if she doesn't at least learn a few words, she'll at least understand that Spanish is a foreign language, and not to moo when she hears Telemundo. 'Cause that's racist, ma'am! 

Two, she's a bit vain... it's almost impossible to photograph or videotape the girl without hearing her request, "see it? See it? Again? See it?" So that's what that's all about.

Oh, and one last thing! I've never used music in the background but this time I thought I would try it out. You all get to be my guinea pigs! Yay! It's from one of my all-time *favorite* movies ever, Amelie. It translates really well with those cute/silent moments of childhood. You'll see. And if you hate it the music, well, I ask you: what did an accordion ever do to you?

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  1. I love it with the music! We flew around like butterflies the last time I was there with the dress-up stuff at Mom and Dad's. Can't wait to see her again!