Thursday, June 4, 2009

Holden Beach Pictures Vol 2: Here Nor There

If there is a cubby to be found, Halle will crawl into it.
Our view of the beach by day was spectacular. There were picturesque fences propped at an angle just before the dunes reach the beach. This view was particularly breath-taking in the moonlight, when the waves look like icing on cake.
Everybody's cups with their names labelled. They were all lined up and in the back of my mind, from a dark corner, I heard myself saying "you will take a cheesy photo of this!"
My favorite part of the house were the staircases. Two of them wound up (this one has a BIG spider in it, but aside from that it's really very quaint) to the main floors and this white-washed one had an almost ethereal feel to it, like walking onto the set of a play. Life's just not real at the beach, you know.

Interesting places, beach houses. They usually have strange or cutesy names. Some sentimental, some homely and inviting, some playful. I just adore looking at the placards naming the houses along the main drive. Some of the ones at Holden Beach:
Seattitudes (ours)
Holden Aces
Bee Holden
A Shore Thing
A Dune Deal
Mullet Over
Sea'z the Dream
How U Dune?

Groan. Oh to be rich and only slightly imaginative! =) Which brings me to a new DADA-ism!

"Whoo! Is there some junk in your trunk? Some bunk junk in your trunk? Some skunk junk in your trunk o'bunk?"

(He was talking about her dirty diaper, fyi)


  1. OMG is looks beautiful!! I'm so jealus!!
    -Robin :)

  2. I love the roar of the waves. It's a relaxing feeling where nature plays it's own music.