Monday, November 30, 2009

Royal Mutts

The more and more I researched my family's genealogical heritage, the more interested I became in tracing Halle's. I started with a one-page list of names that Brad's mom graciously provided and I've been able to trace it back to the 1200's! One of Halle's ancestors was first hand on the Mayflower; another was a master swordmaker who made swords for Jefferson Davis and Leonidas Polk.

There are so many stories that are hundreds and thousands of years old that Halle needs to know. I started a blog last week called "Royal Mutts" to focus on my own genealogical records, and I have only one post written so far, but I intend to add stories from Brad's side tonight and just as frequently as I add mine. Don't worry, I'll make distinctions along the way.

It's so tough to choose one story at a time! One thing is for certain: Genealogy is a feverish race where the generations and ages fly by, and hitting a dead end always feels like a tiny little tragedy. We'll find you someday, fiftieth-generation grandfather of mine. We'll find your story.

And now, on to Royal Mutts! Starting with an ancestor to many English royals, Rollo, who makes me feel a lot less like a black sheep! Rape, pillage, and human sacrifice are some of the earliest historically significant pillars of our origin - if that doesn't alleviate some karmic baggage, I don't know what could.

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