Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cousins Sharing a Secret

My dear, sweet, adorable, impossible-not-to-love niece Nayeli is a big fan of her cousin. She loves to watch the videos I post and likewise, one of Halle's favorite things online is Nayeli's "Sleeping Bunnies" video. Please watch it if you haven't - it's just too cute to miss!

We both got to spend some time with Nayeli and her mom this past weekend and had a BLAST! My dad, the ever ready Papa-razzi - or Puppyrazzi - took a handful of precious photos. It looks like they're sharing some serious toddler secret or posing for a painting of cherubs! Everyone says their kid is a little angel, but these girls seriously look like angels!

Pals. Totally going to be BFFs.


  1. I LOVE these pictures! We had such a fun time seeing you both! I'm glad to see you writing again I've missed reading my favorite blog!

  2. Oh man I love to see Nayeli just smother poor Halle! Mainly because Halle gets a really cute look on her face when she's uncomfortable. :)