Sunday, November 21, 2010

Summer & Autumn 2010 Photos

Although I don't get to see Halle every day anymore, I've been more motivated than ever to make every moment with her count. So we've been exploring the neighborhood...
... and Greensboro's Center City Park, which Halle calls "The Water Park"...

...and enjoying lots of porch time... and treats!
... spending time with family... (and eating the bread for the ducks!)
...making lots of silly faces...

...and getting so tired that we she falls asleep in the strangest places.
(with her bakah over her head.)

(Was going to post a video here but I can't convert the file and Blogspot is taking foreeever! I do make too many empty promises of video.... yikes...)

But it's all so worth it. She's the most well-mannered and obedient kid you'll ever met. She's affectionate, smart, and has a surprisingly good sense of humor, for a toddler. She'll never be a fiend like this hilarious girl was... Allie Brosh, hilarious blogger and owner of an amazingly "simple" dog. You won't be able to help laughing out loud, I promise.

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