Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Birthday Suit Barbie

What was I thinking?!

One time when Halle and I were changing Barbie's clothes, I made a little joke to her in Barbie's voice, "Oh, nooooo, I'm NAKED! I am so embarrassed!" Can you guess what the new fascination is?

For one thing, naked Barbies. Going to the park, naturally.

Also, the idea of NAKED is hilarious to her. Whenever I change her diaper, she'll say, "naked!" because she wants to take all of her clothes off. One day she was looking for my belly button and lifted up my shirt. If it's just my belly-button, fine. But she said, "Naked!"

Needless to say, she doesn't have a clue what the words "inappropriate" and "privacy" means. I guess it's just natural for potty-training aged kids to like being naked. I like the idea that I have an uninhibited daughter who doesn't have any concept of self-image yet, but those two words need to be driven home (inappropriate & privacy, not self image).

Want to hear another What-was-I-thinking moment? Well, here it is... when Barbie's clothes come off and Halle looks at poor Emporer's Clothes Barbie, she'll point, grin and say, "boobs."

Also: of all the Barbie paraphernalia out there, why are there no Barbie potties?

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