Friday, May 28, 2010


That last picture is my favorite because it's so unlike her. It's a worried, oh my goodness gracious face, but it actually comes from her impersonation of Boober from Fraggle Rock. In the Fraggle Rock theme song, Boober sort of mutters the last line to himself, then says hmph! That's her favorite part!


Also, it's worth mentioning to you other failed cooks out there: DON'T BUY CHEF-BOYARDEE PIZZA KITS! It will only make you feel worse about your seemingly innate failure to blossom in your kitchen. You'll get a sad pizza no matter how much you roll and pinch at the dough, strain to evenly layer the sauce, and don't even get me started on the "cheese" which is usually a priority when it comes to pizza, but with Chef Boyardee it's even worse than sprinkling parmesan cheese because it burnt so easily.

Here's what you'll get! Halle and I took a couple of bites and dumped it. The whole thing. Into the garbage. The crust wasn't crunchy-gummy, it broke a pizza slicer. Don't buy the Chef Boyardee Pizza Kit!

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