Thursday, May 20, 2010

She Does Take After Me After All!

She wouldn't be a child of mine if she didn't have an irrational phobia here or there. Who knew Carousels would reduce her to morbid wonder? Last weekend, my parents and I went to Burlington's City Park, which is a sudden, small town, mini-amusement park bursting with laughing screams and rolling wurlitzer tunes. All of her favorite things were there: airplanes, trains, boats, and carousel figurines such as horses, cats, rabbits, even pigs... none of these things can carry her interest whenever it's too loud. She wanted to make the Carousel stop and yet she wanted to understand why other kids loved it, much less tolerated it. We wandered from the train (also too scary) for some strawberry ice cream.

This is pre-ice cream Halle:

....somebody pick me UUUUPPPP!

But post-ice cream Halle was much more lackadaisical!

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