Friday, August 14, 2009

Unbelievable Nursuries & Playrooms

This playroom is perfect! It's a happy little space that is simple and organized.

A kid's room in a Sydney hotel. I wonder if the kids ever notice that breathtaking view...

A retro kinder-bunker.

Another hotel room just for the kiddies.

You know who would never leave this playroom? Brad.

Different. I would've loved it as a small kid. It's kind of creepy that the animals seem to frown.

Although it's astonishing and really, really cute, I'm not sure if I'd spend thousands of dollars for photo-print wallpaper in a room where my kids play with crayons, markers, and chalk...

From a recent issue of Real Living Magazine. The text says "Red is a great colour for girls or boys - and it goes well with taupe!".

A dad-made bunk/loft from

Over the weekend I'll put together a new video of Halle. I won't give anything away - let's just say that I think she picks up some new ideas from the animals. Have a great weekend, everybody! We love you!

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