Friday, April 24, 2009

Go Go Gadget Camera!

This is what I have in common with Inspector Gadget: initial confidence in our comprehension of technology, then failure. I've never understood digital cameras and I don't suppose I'll ever really like them that much... Maybe that's due to my own camera-shy nature and the family curse of seemingly drunkenness in photos. No matter - I didn't buy the camera for me.

The short version of the last paragraph = I just bought a digital camera! Whee! And I'm not a great at taking pictures, so Halle has a lot of work to do to be cute enough to make up for her clumsy photographer!
And we're off to a grrrrreat start folks!

Halle climbing almost successfully onto the Ottoman. Recognize it, Papa Fred & Grandma Jo?
Halle chit-chatting on her toy cell phone.

Picking out a DVD - this week she brought her DVD of choice to me and sat it in my lap. Her little way of saying, "Mom, I'm tiring of your boring t.v. shows - how about we learn sign language with Marlee Matlin?". I'm starting to wonder if her head-slapping is a sign she learned but has trouble expressing. C'mon, of course I'm going to look for signs of true genius in her!

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