Thursday, April 2, 2009

One small step for man...

... two small steps for Halle! Houston, we have a walker!

The night before last, Halle took TWO STEPS! Brad wasn't nearly as impressed OR he responded as nonchalantly as possible in sheer DREAD at the thought of our baby, his adorable little daughter, is growing up and becoming a toddler in new ways every day. Even though she crawled the rest of the day and hasn't taken more than a single step since, in Webster's eyes she has indeed WALKED! We'll enjoy the slower pace until she's at a full-on canter.

v. walked, walk·ing, walks

v. intr.
  1. To move over a surface by taking steps with the feet at a pace slower than a run: a baby learning to walk; a horse walking around a riding ring.


  1. They grow up sooo fast. She is growing by leaps and bounds and getting prettier every day. Next thing you know she will be dating.
    Can't wait to see her again. Papa Fred and Gramma Jo