Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A fifth generation Fedora
This picture was taken a month ago at least, but it's cuteness ratio with my lack-of-digital-camera ratio (er...) deemed it postworthy.

Speaking of peekaboo, Halle's favorite and dearest game, it's interesting to note that it teaches object permanence. Well, okay, that's obvious as rain is wet. I guess what's really interesting is that researchers have received grants to test and run experiments of Peekaboo. That's got to be the best job in the world. And this is the man who had? has? that job, Jerome Bruner:

Conducted pivotal, revolutionary studies in developmental psychology. Also, (bless his heart) the scariest man to play Peekaboo with.

Halle's Peekaboo technique doesn't necessarily involve object permanence so much anymore. It's all about posture these days. She'll slouch down and her eyes will flash with mischief and mystery. Then, all of the sudden, she'll stand up STRAIGHT AS CAN BE with a smile and a hearty chuckle. We play upwards of 20 games of Peekaboo everyday, and sometimes while Brad and I aren't aware, I suspect. Chances are that when she's giggling, looking at you and standing up straight and proud as a little bird, she's cliffhanging to hear you say "Peekaboo" or "Peep-Eye!"

Where did "Peep-eye" come from? It sounds like an evil cartoon villain eyeball.

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