Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Halle: Namipedia

Origin of the name Halle:

"Transferred use of the English surname meaning "dweller at the hall meadow." The name is derived from the Old English elements heall (hall, gathering place) and lēah (wood, meadow, clearing). Var: Halley, Hallie, Hally."

Just what is the "hall meadow", I wonder? A google image search shows serene pastures from all over the English countryside, but not one specific place.

Wanna see the sudden rise of the Halle Empire?

According to BabyNameWizard.com, the states with the most Halle's are Idaho, Utah, and Colorado. I think that's just because people in these states are having the most babies per capita. Probably.

Globally Name Popularity:
  • #253 in Canada (British Columbia)
  • #317 in Scotland
  • #513 in United States
Good to know!

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