Friday, May 15, 2009


is an anagram for "Halle". So is "All Eh". I'm a bigger, dorkier fan of Lost than I really care to admit, but I will divulge that I was looking up anagrams for some of the characters yesterday. *groan* I know! I love "easter eggs", or fun little gems hidden inside various types of media (have you found any inside this blog yet?); the creators of Lost are also very fond of easter eggs, and so it is exhausting to watch at times. My search was inconclusive, mostly because I got sidetracked looking up my own name as well as Halle's and Brad's. Here are some of the coolest ones I found.
Halle (first and last name anagrams):
Racked Hellions
Croaked In Shell
Haloed Crinkles
Cholera Kindles


Abscond Kid Err
Cornbreads Kid
Rabid Sock Nerd
Band Rocked Sir


Altar One
Alone Art
A Tar Noel
my full name:
Clean Harlot
Lacteal Horn
Hellcat Nora

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