Monday, September 14, 2009

Death By Cute

There is no try.

It's almost time for Halle-ween! Naturally, I've been looking for cute and creative costumes for Halle, y'know, before she insists on going as the next young Disney thing. That's right, I'm taking advantage of being wardrobe boss! It's entirely selfish and I am not ashamed! Though I would like to find something warm. After scouring eBay, costume shops, and even Google Images, here are the melt-your-heart-iest toddler costumes I could find. Make sure that you are sitting down and keep your arms inside the vehicle please - this kind of cute is dangerous, folks.

Oh! I almost forgot! Write a comment to vote for your favorite costume.

On a standing toddler? My word! How precious!

Looks a bit challenging to walk in, and not very warm. But! A Peanut!

This baby is adorable and all, but how much cuter would Halle be in it?!?!?!

A mother-baby costume! Oh. My. Gosh. I can't look at this picture for longer than ten seconds or I will have to snack on lobster-baby's pudgy little cheeks. So... irresistable...

If I had a little boy, my decision would be made for me. Goodness gracious, what a smart-looking little fella.


Difficult to walk in, but if only worn once, why not just cut off the feet? And those little TUSKS! AWW! I hope the trunk doesn't hit her in the face when she runs!
Dwarf baby! Clogs and all! I do have to admit, the boy version costume is way cuter. Who doesn't MELT when they see a little boy wearing a beard?

This would be fairly easy to make; Party City sells paper chef hats as it is.

The Worst Costumes

You all know I'm a free spirit and all... but I'm nowhere near this free. Dressing your child up as a rainbow for Halloween may be an indication your doctor's got you on the wrong medication.
Little kids have wild imaginations! Crazy imaginations! So I feel sorry for the little boy who decides to be a UPS worker on Halloween, the one day a year you can choose to be anything you want, anything you could dream up, and this is his choice. Unless his father is a UPS worker, in which case I retract my prior statement. But ONLY in that case!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much sympathy do you have for octobaby?


  1. lobster-baby is the winner for me! i laughed so hard! if only nayeli would be still long enough to put her in a bucket. i don't think you are being selfish for wanting to dress up Halle it's our right as mothers! :)

  2. LOVE the lobster one too! Aaron was a lobster his first Halloween. Wish I had thought to dress as a chef along with him! He was crawling then so it was SO cute. His little tail swishing back and forth. :-)

  3. The lobster one is very cute but as a costume for Halle...definitely the lamb! Very adorable, looked practical for walking and warmth!

  4. I like the lamb, too! Should I spend $40 on a costume though?