Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's a pacifier with calories.

And I don't mean to say that I want my kid to shut up and quit her yappin'. I love little Halle yappin'. I mean, you should see the change in her demeanor. Just as a powerfully-piped newborn can be calmed within seconds of getting a pacifier popped into its mouth, Halle is monk-like when she has a piece of fruit. She wanders around the room, meditatively, lost in a fruity melancholy. It's the best way to end a meal for a child that sometimes must be fought with to be fed. I'm starting to make deals with her. I think she's got an incredible grasp of the English language if I can say "You only have two bites of turkey left. You have to finish your turkey if you want cheese. Do you want cheese? Finish your turkey, please."


And then hands me her empty plate as if to say, "My end of the bargain is taken care of so it must be time for cheese." (And why do I love to start sentances with And?) She's really captivated by all the wordy shows on PBS Kids that drill the alphabet, spelling, rhymes, and grammar. It's not like I would be disappointed if she didn't learn to read before age five or six, but I mean... I wouldn't be surprised.

Then again, maybe I'm one of those moms that is amazed by every little thing their own little baby accomplishes. I don't think it takes much. :)

Ooooo sour!

Hard to get her to smile for the camera, especially when she's eating.

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