Friday, September 25, 2009

Six Pretty Smiles

I couldn't pick out a favorite so I just added them all. Sorry to be so redundant!

By the way, Halle had her 18 month check up today. THREE SHOTS. Oh, the injustice of it all! It's the toughest conflicting emotion EVER to want your child to be immunized. I don't want her to get sick. I also don't want to help pin her hands above her head so that the doctor can stab her repeatedly. Seeing the look on her face, like, "WHY ARE YOU LETTING THIS HAPPEN TO ME! DON'T YOU LOOOOOOVE ME? WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU?!"

So, to keep from pondering the nightmarish image of Halle's pleading face, here are happy faces!


  1. Isn't she just the prettiest thing ever?

  2. Poor Halle and Mama! I don't look forward to that day! I hope she recovered quickly! Great pictures!!