Monday, September 21, 2009

The Firefly Costume

...and I went with none of the above. So this is all we've got so far. Now I need to make a pair of wings with poster paper or cardstock and somehow make her butt glow. I know that tulle and glow sticks are part of the equation, I just don't know how to solve...

This girl had a really cute costume! Well, she should, she was on Project Runway and knows all about circuitry. Halle's costume won't be nearly as professional-lightning-bug as hers, but she'll be cute as a bug anyways.

P.S. I'm going as a mail order bride.


  1. How does one go as a mail order bride? LOL

  2. Hey Jenn! As soon as I saw this picture, I said YEP! That's the one! I just hope they make bigger boxes... the skirts are a bit short!