Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Alton Family Christmas

You have no idea how much we Fox/Altons cherish the Christmas morning brunch, specifically the sausage and egg casserole. Good lord. If there were ever a Christmas casserole shortage, I don't think we're above fighting for it. Before having Halle, it really bothered me that I had to be there so EARLY but every year I went. Some things are worth waking up early for, eh?

I'm kidding! I love spending Christmas morning with my family and seeing my Uncle Tom and Aunt Rae, my cousins Carrie and Laura, and my grandparents. Gabby and her Grandma-glue were at it again, and I think Halle was still sleepy and a little overwhelmed. She pointed to Papa a couple of times and waved and said "Nana-PApa-Nana-PA-pa" in that chanting way like she does.

Watching Halle and Nayeli interact fascinates me. Halle is used to being the baby around older kids at the park, so she gets this humored look around Nayeli, like it tickles her to be the older one. At one point in the video, Halle gets territorial and "claims" her Gabby.

Poor Rethsey! I mean, poor Aunt Boo! She jumps out and says Boo! at her, (she LOVES it!) and Halle points at her when she walks away and says "Uh.. Boo! Boo?" I think Aunt Boo might be in the lead, though.... *snicker*

As for the rest of my far-flung siblings, well, you just might have to come to town more often. ;)

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