Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry (Belated) Christmas!

This Christmas season has kept us exceptionally busier this year, so I apologize for the lack of posts lately. However, "busier" isn't a bad thing - we've had an exceptionally happy Christmas this year! I have boatloads of photos, videos, and funny tidbits to post here. Tomorrow. I'm sorry to put it off like this but I swear not to disappoint - I have something like four or five new videos to put up alone!

In the mean time, I am looking ever so forward to the following events in my day today: lunch from The Mellow Mushroom, uploading & editing videos to my laptop at home, and bedtime. Oh, and spending time with my daughter! Last week was full of excitement for my little family and our gastrointestinal tracts and it's always a little bit difficult to be flung back into the day-to-day after the surreal holidays... but they're not over yet!

Brad's birthday is on it's way; my adorable, scrunch-smiled, cherub-cheeked niece Nayeli is in town, as well as my brother Richie and his wife, whom Halle now knows as "Aunt Boo" are too; my newlywed sister Robin and my brother-in-law, the new family chef, are all in town for a while longer. It's a full house but I think my parents are over the moon!

I want to thank my & Brad's families for making Christmas so special for all three of us this year. With any luck, Halle will be spoiled rotten in no time! Aside from the very generous gifts, we are so thankful to have spent so much time with you. We love you all!

Merry Christmas!

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