Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Dickerson Family Christmas

Halle, sitting on Claudia's lap, playing with Auntie Elizabeth (Aunt DeeDee for now). Brad's Uncle Karl and Aunt Claudia came in from Greenville and his sister, Elizabeth, came in from Charlotte. We had an absolute blast playing Wii games and an impossible trivia game. Impossible, and yet Karl kept winning! It's too bad that Karl & Claudia don't live in Greensboro. They're so much fun - especially when things start getting competitive! And by "things" I mean Karl & Karen.

Halle warmed up to Elizabeth after a little while and they had tea parties with Elmo on the stairs. Adorable! There's a second video of Halle playing football with Elizabeth (it's hilarious) that unfortunately is hard to see. For some reason, YouTube uploads my videos from my digital camera too darkly. Still, you can make some of it out or I can show you in person. The other video is about five minutes long.

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