Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Brad, the Kid's Comedy Machine

The Alton family Christmas party is something I always look forward to, despite the caffiene-free beverages. Watching the kids play and go crazy, catching up with my relatives over a feast of homemade dishes, and trading funny stories - what's not to like? It always makes me a little sad in a way, just because I realize that I don't get to see my extended family on a regular basis. One day I'll have a house big enough to hold family parties - and there will be wine! :)

I think my favorite part of the party this year was seeing Brad interact with my little cousins. Last year he bonded with my cousin Jacob (who has the most adorable lisp evaw) and explained to me that they're both (Jacob and himself) "sound effects men". This year, the song "Lady Madonna" by the Beatles came to mind, and the children were at his feet, cracking up. He kills with those kids! Here's a highlight:

Other photos from the party:

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