Friday, July 17, 2009

Local Politics

Okay, you can stop holding your breath now. I'm finally posting something political. Don't worry - I'm fairly certain that if you care about education and health care for kids, this won't offend you. I got this letter in my inbox today from

"This week we got word that the North Carolina legislature is coming up with some nutty ideas and that the budget debate is getting even crazier. The most recent budget proposal would reduce the state revenue target from $990 million down to $450 million.

That would mean $540 million more in cuts to early care and education, children's health care, and public safety.

We've also heard that some legislators are even beginning to slide on their commitment to raising any revenue at all.

So now is the perfect time to get your legislators' attention and to underscore that families support a balanced budget which raises revenue and makes judicious cuts. It's the best way to protect working families and also avoid prolonging the recession."

When Halle goes to school I want her to have all appropriate curriculums at her feet, and not just maths and sciences. I want her teachers to be motivated. If Halle is an advanced learner (I'm more inclined to believe this than..) or needs a bit of special attention I hope all of those options are available to her.

I also want the children in her class to be healthy, have their immunizations, and get the best care possible. I care not just because I don't want Halle to catch their illnesses, but because I believe all children are little angels that deserve at least a yearly check-up, at most basic health insurance. NOT that I would wish dealing with insurance companies on ANYONE...

I'm sending a letter to the News & Record editor, not something I often do, and I encourage other readers in North Carolina to do the same. has an easy Letter-to-the-Editor builder. To send a letter within seconds, click HERE.

Finally, in regards to public safety I'd like to introduce an online tool from the GPD that tells you all of your neighbors' business. Hehe, just kidding! Although you can see who was arrested for what or where break-ins are occuring within 2 miles of any given Greensboro street. Warning: this tool may worsen paranoia! To check all incidents and criminal activity in your neighborhood, click HERE.

Thanks for reading this whole spiel! Here are a couple of cute Halle photos, thrown in for good measure:

Photo Credits: Papa Paparazzi (Grandpa)

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