Thursday, July 2, 2009

Movie Fun Time!

I originally intended this to be a post about the state of music videos and how artists don't seem to care anymore. Instead of boring you all with that stuff, I'd rather present to you The Feel Good Music Video of the Year! It's a fan video of "Two Weeks" by Grizzly Bear and is also an homage to the movie, La Ballon Rouge. This is my new favorite song and even if you hate the music, which I don't easily foresee, the video will definitely put a grin in your cheeks.

And now for your FEATURE ATTRACTION - Halle and her Shell Phone! Some of you have only seen the shy version of Halle. Rest assured, she is saving up her precious words for you. Any day now you'll call us and get an earful of this:


  1. Oh wow, she is amazingly cute! I love the part where she just sits down and scratches her head!

  2. Yeah the scratching of the head- and it sounded klike she was a tad confused. She's a lot me coherent now than me when drunk:)
    i'm being outshined by the cutest of babies. I should feel ashamed, but all I can do is smile.