Thursday, July 9, 2009

Trying Not To Be a Sissy

Mwah! We're instilling values of a healthy self-image.

Halle woke up with a fever today. She was awfully fussy last night and now we know why. Well, I don't know why yet but her fever is at 100.3 and she's sleepy, irritable, and won't eat. Do you realize how difficult it is for me NOT to look up every last crippling disease that her symptoms might be expressing? VERY.

To take my mind off of the first-time-parent-sissies (that's the scientific term for it, don'tcha know) here are some impossibly cute photos of my favorite little girl in the whole world.

If we'd had twins, they'd have their cute moments, too. I don't know if the world is big enough for two Halles.

Halle is 16 months old today, by the way.

What does a snake say? We're trying to teach her to say SSSSSS but she is convinced that snakes hiss with their NOSES. heh heh.

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