Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SUPER silly. SUPER short.

Just recorded this video of Halle several hours ago. She thought she was posing for a picture, but little did she know she was being video taped!

It's only 9 seconds long. The quality is really poor because I recorded it with my cell phone. *

*Wanna hear some crap? If I had notified Sony of my handicam woes just TWO DAYS earlier it would've been covered by warranty. It's positively despicable that manufacturers have such poor faith in their products that they can only guarantee it will function for one year. Most light bulbs are guaranteed to last longer than my freakin' camcorder and that is a SHAME. So yeah, I'm putting off the $120+ bill to have Sony take a *look* at my camcorder and then maybe fix it for goodness knows how much more.

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