Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Toddlerhood of a Brazen Tempest.

Isn't toddlerhood lovely? This picture perfectly summarizes Halle. She's a blood-thirsty ballerina and make no mistake, you'll hear her roar and you will like it!

Cheeky Halle breaking the no-standing-on-the-couch rule, wondering what will happen if she incautiously disobeys... Cause casually standing on the couch is fun and like, totally normal.

You wild, brazen thing have the audacity to smile at me as you refuse to sit? WELL!

Okay, no, haha, different incident. Halle got her bell rung when she fell playing on the sidewalk. The bump on her forehead is so big that I'm really impressed she didn't even cry. That's just her. It's as if it doesn't occur to her to pity herself.


  1. Hahaha I love that first picture you have of Halle. Looks as if screaming runs in the family! As for the bump of her head I can't believe she didn't cry the though alone makes me want to cry!

  2. God, she is beautiful- just like her mommy -and her daddy:P