Sunday, January 10, 2010

Abbey's Ninth Birthday Party

My little cousin Abbey just turned nine! Time flies! I wish I had gotten more of the Birthday Girl herself on camera. Halle had a big time watching my cousins (which would be her... first cousins once removed or second cousins?) run around like miniature wrestlers on speed. Heh heh, oooohhhh the JOY of having a girl!

Back to Abbey's party, though. There may be an excess of two minutes or more in which Halle is watching Jacob, Max and Luke basically try to kill each other. It may bore you, sorry, it's just that the editor has a bit of a bias. Little Sarah gives the cutest play-by-play observations, pointing to Halle and saying "Owlie!". Sarah's a little champ! She can run right in and squeal and play with the rest of 'em. Emma got in some quality bonding time with Halle and seriously does not want us to forget for one second that she is AVAILABLE to babysit.

Brad was tired but couldn't help pulling out his bag of tricks and silly faces and sound effects for Jacob, who asked him over and over, "whats yew name again? Bwad?" and for Abbey, who isn't "too old" to laugh with the boys and still has that cute, uninhibited high-pitched cackle made of 100% silliness.

At one point, Max tells Halle a joke - it's a pretty good joke for a kid! I didn't know what was going to come out of his mouth when he said "Has she heard that joke that's like, what's that in your pocket?" The punchline was, "Hmm, must be your waist!" :)

Could you tell how much Halle wanted to jump right in and play? Any time now she'll be trying to kill them, too.

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