Friday, January 29, 2010

Appealing to a Toddler

It's not trickery. It's not even bribery. It's tone. Whether we're trying to change Halle's diaper or trying to get her to bed at a decent hour, we've learned that tone and creativity are key. One night this week, Brad was asking Halle his usual questions:

1. Are you tired? Are you feeling sleepy?
2. Do you want to go brush your teeth?

On a normal night, Halle's typical response is a grin and a "yeah?", followed by resting her little head on Daddy's shoulder. She's becoming more and more resistant to parting with playtime lately, saying, "no" whenever he asks his questions. Describing her cozy crib, a warm and special place where her beloved bakah (blanket), paci, and small menagerie of stuffed animals can be found, has been effective so far...

Hey, if I'm not writing poems or short stories, I can at least make Halle's bedtime as poetic as possible, right? Two birds with one stone! Yeah!

Here's one such instance that demonstrates just how much sway that the right tone can have:

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