Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Greensboro Childrens Museum

Halle & Nayeli had a ball last Saturday, playing and running around at the childrens museum. Watching them may have been even more fun, though. They are now both on their feet, they're both energetic, and we let them loose! Kind of. There's so much fun to be had if you're under yea height - it makes a girl want to be a kid again. Sigh.

Using my shiny, spanking-new, handy-dandy camcorder (1950's elevator muzak here) I caught some of the highlights, precious expressions and priceless bonding moments, on film. Enjoy!


  1. those girls of ours are just too cute! if only we could play every saturday!

  2. They'd be the best of friends... I just love it when Nayeli talks! What a sweet little voice!