Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pirates No More!

This afternoon we got a wireless connection at our house at long last! It's so great to not have to rely on someone else's nearby wifi signal - it's been fun, unsecured "Apple Network", whoever you are. Many thanks to Karl for sending Brad a wireless router for his birthday. Maybe now Brad will write a guest post or two - no more excuses, right? Hehe. We're ordering a Roku player which connects directly to our wireless connection and streams the television shows and movies on our Netflix queue. I didn't end up getting one for him for his birthday because well, I plan on using the heck out of it too. This is why I still haven't bought him Super Mario World for his old school Nintendo. Yet.

I'll be able to upload about 3 more videos tonight. And it won't take an hour! 'Cause we're no longer wifi pirates! Yay!

On Saturday, Halle joined her cousin Nayeli at the Greensboro Childrens Museum and they had a BLAST. Tonight we'll be going to my mother's (Gabby) house for dinner to see Nayeli, Uncle Richie, and Aunt Boo one more time before they head back to Boston. It's been SO good to see them and I'm thankful for all the time they were able to spend in town. Gosh, it sure would be nice if they lived here! :)

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