Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Munch!

Tuesday marked the second anniversary of our little girl's survival of herself. Guess what, kiddo? Your energy and enthusiasm and fearlessness haven't proved fatal thus far! With every new day, you bring us new smiles, new wonderment, a renewal in the fundamental goodness of human beings, and a new miracle involving hopping, chair ledges, and gravity that could have gone horribly wrong.

Just a year ago, you weren't capable of walking, much less running. You knew your name, but you didn't know how to spell it, much less say it. You knew how to get attention, but you didn't know how to be convincing, much less argue logic and fairness. You knew that vienna sausage consumption would victoriously lead to fruit, but you didn't know that tuna salad, garbanzo beans, bleu cheese dressing, and corned beef brisket would become their own reward.

See how far you've come, my dear hiccup?
In utero, scheming her great escape.
 A bit prior to turning two, our clever little thing showing off how she charms snakes with those eyes.

I have my own humble theory as to why the "twos" are perhaps so "terrible". The reason? Grandparents. Two year olds are easy to spoil - hearing them laugh and seeing them smile (at the cutest age in life, hands down) are the most rewarding experiences... and if a half-dozen new toys afford many other such opportunities, then for heaven's sake, show me the way to Toys R Us.
Because T-Rexes get mad dirty, yo.

 Enjoying a birthday cupcake with Gabby, Puppy, and Elmo (before she ate him!)
 Pure Munch right here: an opportunist for sillyness and laughter. Wonder who she gets that from?

The lovely people at Brixx Pizza placed a couple of candles on a slice of chocolate cake. Mia & Gaddy and Brad and I sang before she blew out her candles... all by herself!

Happy Birthday, Baby!

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  1. Oh sweet Halle-bug! I can't believe you're getting so big. As you official favorite aunt, let me say that your present is in the mail. And by in the mail, I mean I'll be picking it out and sending it to you soon. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful birthday!

    -Aunt Boo