Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tardy Slip

Why am I posting so infrequently? Halle's SECOND BIRTHDAY was Tuesday, March 9th, but we've been celebrating all week. After this weekend, when Halle has Birthday-Fun-Time with Gabby & Puppy, I'll post videos and photos of the whole affair. It's been a blast so far!

We're having our first official play date with a friend tonight! Halle's jaw dropped when I told her she'd get to play with a little boy at our house and show off her toys. Total disbelief. I can't wait to see how that goes! He's a bit younger, but Halle is extremely giving and patient for an only child - and a toddler at that. I wonder how this will transition in her own house with her own toys...

This morning, Halle went to the Doctor's office for her 2 year check-up. As soon as they put us in a room, she wanted OUT. Bad things happen there! Needles! Poking! Prodding! Nakedness! The horror! Before getting her only shot, for H1N1, there were stickers and books about the moon to distract her, but she studied the doctor's every move from the corner of the eye.

She's 23.4 lbs (5th percentile) and is 34 inches tall (50th percentile). Our very silly & fun pediatrician told us, "the problem is, she's too tall." Years ago, my sister Robin told my Uncle Jeff, "you've grown too tall for your hair!"

Aha! So that's why Halle's hair is so short!

In her favor, though, a delicate, full-circle CURL debuted in the back of her hair today. She's becoming exactly the little girl I pictured when I was pregnant with her. Exactly. Maybe I've got a sixth sense after all? She was doomed for curls. Not just because of Brad, but also because of her Aunt Robin, whose toddler hair was an adorably floppy mop that resembled a mire of curly ribbons on a present. The answer to the question, Can Halle get any cuter? is yes. Just picture her with Robin hair.

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  1. I'm flattered and all but we need pictures woman! Pictures! :)