Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Win a $50 Shopping Spree!

It's funny how quickly Halle grows out of her toys. How does time speed up the second one becomes a parent? Geez, Father Time, you just take, take, take.

It's only a matter of time until we turn in the crib and invest in a toddler bed. What a bittersweet day it will be when we trade in her crib bumpers and baby quilts for kids bedding with pillows and top sheets. Before that, perhaps, we'll have had to trade out the changing table for her potty and a tiny stepping stool in the bathroom. Her room could transform by this time next year! It feels like alchemy, folks. There's just something so wrong about growing up.

Yet so right. Halle's personality is blossoming like the popcorn trees outside and she's quickly becoming a truly unique person. A funny person. A cheerful person. An agreeable person. She's growing too fast for my own shutter speed, but that's life for you. In celebration of Springtime and the chirpy baby birds outside and the cruel magic of it all, I'm hosting a giveaway!

The winner will receive a $50 shopping spree to Toys and Games Online.com 
To enter, fill in the form below. Visit their site before you do, and find a toy or two that makes you wish you were a kid again (no purchase necessary, just mention it in the entry form). You must fill in the form below and your information will not be shared.  
For an extra entry, leave a comment on this post. Your comment or comments count as ONE extra entry.
For another entry yet, write a blog post about this giveaway with a link to this post. (Make sure to email me  or comment with the address of your blog and the post respectively.)

Time is a-ticking! You have until 12:01AM EST Friday March 26th to enter for your chance to score, so hurry hurry! The winner will be announced at naptime o'clock on Friday.

**Note: Open to US & Canadian residents only.**


  1. Seems like a fun contest. I had some great luck at SXSW and won 3 contests in total. It was pretty awesome. If I won I'd probably have to send the toys instead to someone with a child- as my cat won't play with any toys I buy her aside from little pieces of wire.


  2. Oh yeppie! I love free stuff! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Great idea! The baseball glove on the home page really takes me back...T-Ball, playing catch with Dad...good times.

  4. Dear Aunt Rae,
    I could think of lots new toys I need I mean want!
    Love, xoxo